PE bag making machine


PE bag making machine

Product Description

Model380 type500type
Film Blowing Width40-350mm50-500mm
Film Blowing ThicknessHDPE: 0.015-0.10mm      LDPE:0.008-0.08mmHDPE: 0.01-0.10mm      LDPE:0.008-0.08mm
Number of Printing Colors1-5 colors1-5 colors
Power 7500kw7500kw
Production Efficiency5-238-30

Product Introduction

This kind of machine organically links the filmblowing with the printing, for the film blowing andthe printing can be used separately or integratedas a whole to complete the whole productiorprocess of film blowing and printing. It is applied tothe film blowing of high and low densitypolyethylene and double-side color printing withone to five different colors, and is considered asideal equipment for production of color printedfilms of soft plastic packages. especially for theproduction of packages for disposable medicaapparatuses.